SKP_5368web-1024x1024Welcome to Arc & Petal Arbor and Chuppah Rental

Whether you are a new bride or reaffirming your wedding vows, our wedding arc, arbor or chuppah will make a beautiful focal point. Dressed with fabric or flowers, plain and simple, it will add depth and creativity to your wedding day.

We are committed to working with you, your wedding planner and florist to ensure your arc,arbor or chuppah will match your vision. Have your florist or wedding planner contact us directly at 978-809-7721.

Our arcs, arbors and chuppahs are handmade, quality craftsmanship. We work with different types of materials such as natural birch, cedar or treated pine that is either painted white or stained. Arc and Petal can also work with you to make your vision custom if needed.